Product Questions

  • Can I customize my order?

    Yes, please reach out to or through the Contact Us page if you have any special requests.
  • Do I get the same jerky every month?

    Nope! You get to try new beef jerky brands and flavors from all over the country, every month!
  • How much jerky is in each box?

    We have 3 tiers of subscriptions. Mini Box: 2 bags of jerky (at least 4oz or 1/4 lb total) in each box. Classic Box: 4 bags of jerky (at least 8oz or 1/2 lb total) in each box. XL Box: 8 bags of jerky (at least 16oz or 1 lb total) in each box. Gift Subscriptions: 4 bags of jerky (at least 8...
  • I purchased a subscription, when will I be charged each month?

    You will be charged for your first box on the day you place the order and your first box will ship within 1 business day. All future boxes will be charged on the 10th of each month and ship within 3-5 business days.
  • Is the jerky made by JerkyGent?

    Nope, we scout the country and carefully select the best-tasting, quality, beef jerky brands to put in our subscription boxes. You get to discover new brands and flavors from around the country every month!
  • What's the difference between traditional and non-traditional flavors?

    The "Traditional" flavor preference includes more traditional flavors such as BBQ, Peppered, Original, Teriyaki, Hickory, etc... While the "Non-Traditional" flavor preference will include more unique flavors, such as Truffle, Mojo, Buffalo, Bloody Mary, etc... We recommend selecting "Try Them All...